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Hike the Pyrenees with us and experience a walking holiday unlike any other. This is a unique – once only – introduction to the landscapes of the Basque Pyrenees which is, perhaps, your first surprise! Did you know that a part of the Pyrenees is totally – utterly – Basque? Simply step out from our farmhouse doorstep to hike the Pyrenees along ancient shepherding and smuggling trails and allow the beauty of this area, its medieval architecture, food, wine, languages and music to surprise you again and again and again.

An experience that starts before you arrive

Amazing private farmhouse situated in a beautiful shepherding hamlet of Navarre in the Spanish Pyrenees. Only our guests are told the way because Google maps has yet to get it right!

Pyrennes house

Kilometre Zero Hiking Holidays

Rainbow over Pyrennes mountains

Several weeks a year we invite a few exclusive guests to enjoy the 200 kilometres of breathtakingly-beautiful hiking trails that start at our door. Each trail is different weaving from one medieval Basque village to the next through chestnut woods and isolated shepherding hamlets, past creaking watermills and  mountain lakes. This is a ‘last opportunity’ to experience the ‘Hobbit-like’ landscapes of the Basque Pyrenees.

Dig deep beneath the surface of the Basque Culture

Evenings wind down with a series of relaxed, but intimate, dinner-parties around the farmhouse table where we are wined, dined and entertained by private chefs, wine experts, historians and musicians.

A beautiful Pyrenean farmhouse at the centre of 200 km of hiking trails.

The one & only tourism company in this area

Hike the Pyrenees with us and follow in the footsteps of nearly 2000 guests who have joined us over the past two decades. We have international reviews in the national press such as The Times, Observer, Guardian, MSN Travel, Fodor and many more.

Diplomats and belly dancers, pilots and private detectives, bakers and magicians have hiked these mountains at our side and your company has greatly enriched our lives. Therefore, allow us to say a  big thank you to you all.

Hike pyrenees ensuite

Just 5 en-suite rooms

(each room has incredible mountain views)

Hike pyrenees bathroom
Double room at Purennes Experience house

Joined by international travelers from all over the world, our informal dinner parties every evening offer an inspiring, eclectic meeting of minds.


private programme of cultural events


Firstly, after breakfast, our guests set off to hike the Pyrenees with either our guided or self-guided hikes. Then, on return to the farmhouse, join us for aperitifs on the terrace before settling down for dinner and our private programme of cultural events.

However, do not be fooled by the fact that we live on top of a mountain, these  events are run by some of the top professionals in Navarre.

Your Pyrenean Experience house-party programmes can include:

  • Wine Seminars
  • Organic Tapas Tasting
  • Basque Music Concerts
  • Ancient Basque Festivals
  • Farm Visits and Talks on Basque Culture
  • World War 2 Escape Lines
  • Smuggling History

Each Pyrenean Experience walking week includes our house-party programme

Guests can choose whether to hike the Pyrenees with a guide or whether to hike the Pyrenees independently with our comprehensive walking kit of detailed maps, hiking notes and cultural insights guide.​

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Hike The Pyrenees Like a Local

Guided Hiking Weeks
The Total Pyrenean Experience

These relaxed walks offer an absolutely unique introduction to an area which lies far off the tourist trail and where every path has a story and an anecdote. Learn about the history of the shepherds, smugglers, refugees and resistance fighters who have formed these landscapes over thousands of years. Enjoy one of the last opportunities to experience these hand-forged landscapes that are rapidly disappearing. Together we visit my neighbours’ farms, explore the local traditions and architecture and take part in the ancient Basque festivals which – as no tourists find this place – are still run by the locals for the locals. En route we  also visit the best hand-picked Basque restaurants and – quite literally – go off the map! More Information. Dates & Prices.

Hike the Pyrenees Guided Walking Holidays
© Ezyê Moleda 2019 all rights reserved_Hike The Pyrenees hiking at Baztan Valley

Self-Guided Hiking Weeks. The Total Pyrenean Experience

On the first day we hike the Pyrenees together so that I can offer you a guided introduction to the lie of the land; its geography and topography. I also show you how to use the in-depth notes and 14 detailed maps so that you have the freedom of the hills and can choose a different hike each day. On this Kilometre Zero Hiking Holiday in the Pyrenees guests have 15 different trails to choose from. Eight different villages can be visited on our hikes and many of them have  family-run restaurants offering fresh, local lunchtime menus. 

Fifteen different walks to choose from between 1 – 6 hrs. Levels: Moderate & Intermediate. More information. Dates & Prices.

Spanish Language Immersion Courses. (Spanish Language & Walking Holidays)

Several weeks a year we ‘change hats’ and run total immersion Spanish language programmes for adult learners of Spanish. Groups are small and our guests are invited to live, hike, eat and drink and immerse themselves in the Spanish language and culture. Relaxed country hikes and professional tuition combine with a fully- integrated cultural programme run by cooks, teachers, farmers, historians and musicians … and all the personal friends we meet en route! We have over two decades of experience and, in order to focus our teaching methods, our weeks are run for different language levels at different times: Elementary, Intermediate or AdvancedDates & Prices.

Hike The Pyrenees Spanish Language Immersion
Hike The Pyrenees comet line guided walk

World War II COMET Escape Line
Guided Walks

The ravines of the World War II COMET (COMETE) Escape lines on the French/Spanish border lie close by and we have extensively researched the trails and inspiring history of their founder and leader, Andrée de Jongh. Andrée (known as Dedée) was a 24 year-old Belgian nurse who helped save the lives of almost 800 allied pilots with the help of the Basque smugglers whose knowledge of these mountain passes and hiding places played a  vital part in the escape. Naturally, the heroic stories of this era arise in after-dinner conversation and the ravine can be visited with a short detour from the farmhouse. However, we also  offer privately-guided two-day hikes over the border from Urrugne (France) to Oiartzun (Spain). More information on the COMET Escape Line two-day guided hikes across the Pyrenees.  

We also operate One-Day  Pyrenean Experience Tours for small groups.

Please see our TripAdvisor Reviews and Photo Albums.

Off the Tourist Trail

Our network of private walks is documented with the help of the shepherds of the Pyrenees and do not appear in any tourist guide.

Unique. One of its kind

Every day we adapt our walks and activities to our guests’ individual interests. No two days in the past 20 years have ever been the same!

Friendly and Personal

We live among friends and family who happily invite us into their private homes or to take a seat at their side in the village festivals.

Book your Exclusive Pyrenean Experience.

We have passionately, patiently & professionally tailor-made hiking holidays for over 20 years.  



Great Guests & Great Reviews
Our Team
Hike the Pyrenees private music show


Private Cook in Basque Country


Private teacher in Basque Country


Wine Tasting

Georgina Howard

Twenty years ago I stumbled upon this area in pursuit of a dream. I had never been to the Pyrenees before and I had no idea that part of the Pyrenees belonged to the Basques.

My work as a writer, teacher and guide had led me from a balloon safari company in South Africa to the Spanish embassy boardrooms in Copenhagen and the Inuit sledges of northern Greenland. But it was the Basque ‘Bermuda Triangle’ of the Pyrenees that stole my heart the moment I arrived.

As I pursued my dream – this dream – from a tiny mountain croft in Ituren, the local Basque shepherds took me into their homes.  I had a daughter and they raised her. I knew nothing about their culture and so they educated me. I spoke no Basque and so they taught me. And I had a dream which they helped come true.

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